Friday, 26 May 2017


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Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement 


I, the above CLIENT (hereafter referred to as "CLIENT"), agree to pay Nydia Serrano (hereafter referred to as "CONTRACTOR"), for any and all transcription work or service performed, behalf on audio material submitted by CLIENT. 

WHEREAS, CONTRACTOR agrees to review, examine, inspect, or obtain such confidential information only for the purposes described above and to otherwise hold such information confidential pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

BE IT KNOWN, that CONTRACTOR has or shall receive from CLIENT certain confidential information. CLIENT agrees to rate quoted for each project and will discuss any changes in billing before the project is completed. 


  • CONTRACTOR agrees to hold confidential or proprietary information or trade secrets ("confidential information") in trust and confidence and agrees that it shall be used only for the contemplated purposes, shall not be used for any other purpose, or disclosed to any third party. No information provided by way of audio during transcription will be stored on computers, all transcribed work and sound files will be deleted two weeks after completion of work.
  • No copies will be made or retained of any written information supplied to CONTRACTOR from CLIENT once the project is completed.
  • Confidential information shall not be disclosed to any third party.
  • The contractor shall deliver to the CLIENT within the stipulated time transcription unless there is a last-minute calamity. If this should happen, the contractor will make a 5% discount to the CLIENT on the value of work done.
  • If there is the case, the CONTRACTOR shall make the transcript in the format that the client needs, for this the CLIENT will provide the template or the instructions to follow. 
  • The CONTRACTOR shall take the liability, the quality of work in terms of spelling and grammar of the language is concerned. 
  • The CONTRACTOR must take all necessary means to do this work fully. A "means" the transcription software, the templates work, and everything related to a complete and effective.


  • CLIENT agrees and understands that pricing is based on the number of speakers in an audio file or source. 
  • CLIENT also agrees and understands that audio variables might increase the price. 
  • CLIENT also agrees and understands that the level of turnaround time may or may not impact the cost. CONTRACTOR guarantees a 99,5% accuracy rate or higher for good audio. This is any Source Material that is clearly recorded in a controlled environment (preferably professionally) with one person either talking or interviewing one subject with minimal background noise interference and no media noise or defects. The format must be recorded digitally, on standard audio cassette, VHS, or DVD (sorry, no Betamax). 
  • CLIENT understands that poor duplication procedures can lead to degradation of the original Source Material and could result in a higher price, depending on the degree of degradation. While CONTRACTOR does its best to get the most accurate transcript possible regardless of the quality of audio, the client should be aware that any audio that does not meet the previous criteria may impact the quality of the transcript and cause it to drop below the 99,5% accuracy rate. If for some reason, the client is not satisfied with his/her transcript and thinks it falls below the 99,5% accuracy rate and it was good audio, the client has one full month to notify CONTRACTOR so that it can examine the discrepancy. 
  • The burden of proof rests with CLIENT and CLIENT realizes and accepts that no transcript is ever “flawless.” Judgment calls have to be made on punctuation, spellings, grammar, etc. Furthermore, often the spoken word consists of run-on sentences and other grammatically incorrect language. CONTRACTOR does not correct grammar or proof-read material (if a standard transcript without specific instructions) – it only transcribes what is on the Source Materials. If its accuracy rate is indeed below 99,5%, CONTRACTOR will correct the mistakes free of charge.
  • CLIENT acknowledges that CONTRACTOR bills per minute of recorded audio and not on page count, the number of characters, or work hours. Any additional seconds that do not exceed fifteen (15) seconds, billed as one minute.
  • CLIENT agrees to pay the rates prevailing at the time the Work is requested as set forth in the Rates section of CONTRACTOR’s website. Payment is due upon delivery of the Work to CLIENT.



A. Price.

Prices of transcripts and translations are based on our PST standard formats. If you want an additional format instruction, have an extra charge. As consideration for the provision of Services by the Service Provider, the price, as defined below, is as follows (pricing based on minutes of audio): 


Transcription Spanish to Spanish:

1 Speaker: 




$1.50 per minute

$1.25 per minute

$1.00 per minute


2 or 3 Speaker:




$1.75 per minute

$1.50 per minute

$1.25 per minute


4 Speakers or more:




$2.00 per minute

$1.75 per minute

$1.50 per minute


Extra Services:

VERBATIM (uhs, ums, false starts)

0.10¢ per minute

TIMESTAMPS [00:00:00]

0.05¢ per minute

TIME CODE [00:00:00:00]

0.05¢ per minute


0.10¢ per minute



$3.00 per minute


0.10¢ per minute


PROOFREADING:  $1.00 per sheet / 3 days turnaround time.

TEXT-TO-TEXT: $1.25 per sheet  / 3 days turnaround time.


Business days: Monday to Friday. No weekends or holidays. 

After 15 seconds of audio or video, it will be counted as one minute.

You can calculate based on these prices your hour of audio or video.


You will never charge any membership fee. Neither will any additional charge that is not included within the requirements of your files.

If your project gets over 750+ minutes, we will request an extra time for completion of audios, and we will give you a special price.

B. Payments.


Payment is through Paypal, or other means agreed with the customer. I will send you an e-mail invoice verifying your order. This e-mail includes a link to make your payment through, a secure online payment service. PayPal allows you various payment options (credit card, debit card, bank transfer, etc.) and is free to buyers. All you need is my e-mail address. PayPal allows you to shop without sharing your personal information and provides protection against unauthorized payments from your account. Additionally, you can pay with any credit or debit card without opening a PayPal account. I am not responsible for missed deadlines due to late payments. Please be sure to submit your payment before your specified deadline. 

Please note: Upon completion of this work, the client will receive an email invoice. When the CLIENT has paid, and the contractor receives the verification of Paypal, the work will be sent via email to the CLIENT within the following business hours: 8:30 am - 6:30 pm EST. The files will be retained until the CLIENT pays. If the CLIENT does not respond or pay within the next forty-five (45) days after the service provided, your credit report will be affected by the breach of this agreement.

PARAGRAPH: These terms and conditions are subject to change according to CLIENT needs. This contract can vary in prices, offers and discounts without notice.  The laws of the State of Maryland shall govern this Agreement and its validity, construction, and effect.



All orders must be canceled within the first 12 hours after submit.

If after this time a transcript has been completed or is being transcribed at the time, the CLIENT must assume the cost of the transcript has been completed or is being transcribed at the time to be canceled after the first 12 hours of submission. 



The CLIENT and CONTRACTOR have read and understood the terms and conditions of this service provider contract. We, hereby, agree to all terms and conditions of this document of own free will and signify hereto by check box ‘I agree to Terms and Conditions’ below.